As a parent, babyproofing your home is important to keep your kids safe. Babyproofing lets your child safely explore the house by eliminating common household dangers. Here are 5 techniques for babyproofing your home.

1. Install Child Safety Locks on All Lower Cabinets and Closets

No matter what is stored in the lower cabinets of your kitchen and bathroom, install child safety locks. Put them on your closet doors, too. This will help keep children safe from cluttered storage that could fall on them or accessing any potentially toxic chemicals.

2. Lock Away High-Risk Items

Keep cleaning supplies locked away. Young children may think the blue window cleaner or yellow disinfectant spray is juice and get poisoned.

If you own guns, sharp knives, or other weapons, keep these in a locked box on the top shelf of your bedroom closet where children cannot access them.

Batteries should be stored in a locked drawer or toolbox so children do not play with them or try to eat them.

3. 6 Tools for Babyproofing Your Home

Easily babyproof your home by using these tools:

  • Electrical outlet covers
  • Baby gates
  • Wall anchors for heavy furniture and appliances
  • Cordless blinds
  • Doorknob covers
  • Corner bumpers

4. Do Not Let Children Near Glass

Don’t buy a glass coffee table if you have kids. A glass table can break and cause serious cuts. Keep furniture away from windows so that kids cannot climb up on it and reach the window.

5. Practice Bath Safety

Infants and toddlers are at high risk of drowning during bath time. Practice bath safety by:

  • Bathing infants in a designated infant tub
  • Bathing toddlers with a bath mat underneath to prevent fatal slips and falls
  • Placing a towel down on the floor for when it’s time for your child to dry off
  • Reminding toddlers to not run in the bathroom right after a bath
  • Supervising children at all times while bathing

Keep Your Children Safe by Babyproofing Your Home

Anything can happen, so keep your children safe by childproofing everything. For more information on babyproofing your home, visit the National Safety Council.

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