You want your home to be a comfortable place for your family and friends to relax. Routine maintenance will help you keep a safe and healthy home. Be proactive to prevent small problems from spiraling into costly repairs, and you’ll help keep your family, pets, and guests safe on your property.

Discourage Mold Growth for a Safe and Healthy Home

Moisture and humidity create an environment that is conducive to mold, which can cause allergies and allergy-like symptoms in some people. Look for discoloration on walls, ceiling, or beneath cabinets. Water leaks are a frequent cause of mold. Repair any plumbing or roof leaks and any damaged material to prevent mold from recurring in the same place.

Test for Lead-Based Paint

Homes constructed before 1978 might have lead-based paint. This paint was commonly used before it was proven to cause severe problems in children and adults. If you’re unsure about the paint in your home, hardware stores sell test kits. They are relatively inexpensive and the results are quick.

If you discover you have lead paint, do not disturb it. Removal releases lead dust into the air which will get into your lungs. To keep your family safe, make sure that kids and pets are not exposed to the area because they could accidentally ingest bits of it.

Should you choose to remove the lead-based paint, follow your local building department’s recommendations and the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines, or hire a professional to do it for you.


Make sure your entryway is safe and welcoming to your visitors. Inspect the doormat. If the corners are beginning to curl, it is a tripping hazard. If you have an entryway rug, make sure it grips the floor beneath it. It should not move or slip when a guest is entering your home.

Check the lighting leading up to the house and on the front porch. The lighting should illuminate the walkway and steps approaching the house. If you have motion-sensing lights, test them to verify they turn on when a person approaches.

Filter the Water

Using a water filter will remove impurities from your drinking water. If you are on a well, you may already have a filtration system in place.

You can install a countertop water filter that attaches to your kitchen faucet. Another option is to purchase a system that is installed underneath the sink. An inexpensive option is to buy a filtering water pitcher and keep it in your refrigerator for cool, clean drinking water.

Keep a Safe and Healthy Home by Testing Smoke Detectors

Your house should have smoke detectors installed in every bedroom and on every floor of the home. Test the devices monthly and replace the batteries as needed. Even if they are working correctly, smoke detecting devices should be replaced every 10 years.

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